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Clean Haven Pure 100% Liquid Glycerine - 100 Ml

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Multipurpose Body Miracle worker with the following benefits: (strong)(Used from head to toes)(/strong)

(strong)1. It can be used as a cleanser.(/strong)

(strong)2. It can be used as a toner.(/strong)

(strong)3. It is a wonderful skin moisturizer.(/strong)

(strong)4. Diluted version makes the hands smooth.(/strong)

(strong)5. It helps retain the skin water.(/strong)

(strong)6. It plays an important role in cell maturation.(/strong)

(strong)7. It cures oily skin problems like pimples, acne and blackhead.(/strong)

(strong)8. It’s nature allows it to be used on baby and sensitive skin.(/strong)

(strong)9. It helps to retain the water in skin.(/strong)

(strong)10. Healing cracked feet.(/strong)

(strong)11. Used as a sun screen to prevent skin tanning.(/strong)

(strong)12. It removes clogged impurities and helps in lightening skin shade.(/strong)

(strong)13. Helps in giving the skin a soft and supple feel.(/strong)

(strong)14. Apply a coat of glycerine on your nails after removing nail paint. It prevents them from looking dried up.(/strong)

(strong)15. Apply raw glycerine directly on scars that are especially caused burns, acne or wounds to get rid of them.(/strong)
(strong) (/strong)
(strong)16. Helps in getting rid of Body Acne.(/strong)

(strong)17. People with dry skin can apply raw or diluted glycerine on skin. It is way better than those costly creams and parlour treatments.(/strong)

(strong)18. It can be used for skin lightening.(/strong)

(strong)19. It fill up the gaps due to the wrinkles thus makes the skin look younger.(/strong)

(italic)(strong)SAVE KSHS 10 BY PURCHASING 2 PIECES TODAY(/strong)(/italic)
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