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There is a certain confidence and glow that comes with having healthy skin. You look healthier and feel better about yourself, and of course, you can now show off a little more skin if you choose. The skin is the body's first line of defense, and broken or dry skin increases your chances of getting an infection into your body. This is why you need face and body moisturizers to keep your skin coated and well hydrated.

There are very easy ways to achieve a healthy looking skin, especially the face, since it is the most exposed part of the skin and the most likely to be affected by environmental elements. Besides eating healthy foods, drinking a lot of water to hydrate yourself daily, and exercising your body daily, you also need to be mindful of the facial creams and cleansers you use, especially if you have very sensitive skin. Jumia Market offers a variety of designer skin care products from top designers such as Oriflame, Marykay, Forever Living Products, Neutrogena, Olay, Revlon and many more at best prices.

Regimens for Flawless Skin

Everybody can have flawless skin. It all depends on how seriously you are willing to follow certain beauty tips. First of all, you have to determine your skin type. In order to do this, wash your face, let it dry and leave it untouched for an hour. After that, dab a tissue between your nose and cheek. If you have a normal skin, the tissue will show neither oil nor flaking skin. It will feel supple and smooth. If you have oily skin, there will be grease on the tissue and if you have dry skin, your skin may feel taut and the tissue will show flakes of dead skin. If you have combination skin, the T-zone of the face will be oily while every other part of the face will be normal to dry. Next, as part of your beauty regimen, it is advisable to invest in a cleanser, facial scrub, moisturizer and toner which are suited to your skin type. Moreover, you will need to get sunscreen for your daily use. This will help block harmful UV-A and UV-B rays that can lead to skin damage and cancer. When getting sunscreen, get one with SPF 15 and above. Also, use your face wash every two days. Use your facial scrub like once every week; make sure to wash your face every morning and night and try to moisturize your face after every wash. Make sure to wash off all your make-up before going to bed. You could do this by washing your face or by using baby wipes. You also have to eat properly. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as these also help the skin and complexion. Also drink plenty of fluids daily. Take about 8 glasses of water daily and try to avoid excess intake of sugary soft drinks and coffee. You also need to exercise frequently as exercising helps you metabolize. Exercising also helps relieve stress and sometimes pimples and skin break-outs are caused by stress. Finally, sleep is very important in a beauty regimen. Make sure to sleep for at least 8 hours every night. When you sleep well, it gives your body more energy to go about daily routines.

Tips for Skin Care

· You can use olive oil as makeup remover as it is usually absorbed by the pores, so it doesn't cause break-outs. Therefore, olive oil is a great substitute for make-up remover.
· When selecting make-up products, make sure to get products that will not cause a break-out like lighter BB creams, powder foundation, mineral foundation and the likes.
· Adopt the daily act of using moisturizers as this will give soft and supple skin.
· Avoid waterproof mascara as it tends to stay on the lashes and break them.
· Avoid constantly touching your face with your hands as the oil on your hands can clog your facial pores. Moreover, dirt can transfer bacteria to your face.
· When you wash your face, pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel. Do not rub or scrub your face.

Effective Nutrition Food Supplements on Jumia Market

A healthy body is the envy of all, but more often than not a healthy body doesn't come without effort. You need all the right things in place including the right diet and supplements. These multivitamins and supplements contain vitamins and minerals that support the food you take in, and help to build your immune system to wade off diseases. They also mostly made from natural product so you never have to worry about taking in too much chemicals in your body.

If you are looking to shed some weight without having to starve yourself, you can also go for diet and weight loss supplements. Supplements are not merely for bodybuilding. They are used for a wide range of issues all the way from weight loss to muscle building and anything in between. Protein supplements help in the building of muscles, and this is a perfect deal for body builders.

The Best of Fragrances from Top Brands for Men and Women

Wearing perfumes with great fragrances tends to pull attention towards you, makes people remember you with that signature scent and gives you a heady sense of confidence. Studies have shown that with the kind of perfume you wear, you can pull the right crowd to you. And of course, no one wants to smell bad. That is why brands like Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Versace have perfumes of different fragrances for you, so that you can easily pick one and have your individual scent.

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