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Affordable Furniture Online in Kenya

Jumia Market furniture showcases different varieties of furniture styles for your home, all at very affordable rates and great quality. You can give your home a new face with high quality leather cushions in different colours and designs; experience the luxury of resting in a soft sofa and recliners after a long tiresome day. Showcase class and good taste with the carefully selected pieces of our coffee tables and complete the beauty that your home needs. Nothing speaks volumes about your kitchen like the perfect interior decoration, our array of stylish faucets to add that shinny and modern look to your kitchen and showers to transform that you-time into a relaxing experience. Jumia Market Kenya is the perfect market to attend to your needs. Beautification of your home and kitchen is a priority for us and that is the reason we stock our website with a wide selection of kitchen interior decorations to meet your diverse taste. Nothing says relax like soaking into the perfect bath tub.

If you have needs like what to fit in the patio as outdoor furnishing, what tools to buy for gardening this time, or where the closest place to buy an e-cigarette is, Jumia Market answers all these questions with dozens upon dozens of product recommendations from thousands of sellers in your community. Jumia Market features all the furniture and home decoration needs you will need this season. Find long-lasting, durable furniture for home and for office. To arrange your house the way you want, you might want to start with the living room. What things will you will need? Comfortable couches for the best relaxation ever, comfy sofas great enough for visitors to appreciate, royal dining chairs for you to feel your best in while enjoying your meals, fancy tables to hold works of art, a beautiful TV stand to complement your equally precious gadget and of course flowers for beauty.

Home Décor for the Kitchen & Bedroom

Where next to pimp up after the living room if not the kitchen? Get complete dining sets and dining accessories sets including cutlery, jugs, as well as kitchen equipment and accessories: sinks, blenders, knives, pots frying pans and more. And then have a kitchen shelf shipped to you to keep everything in one place. Our bedroom furniture includes Beds, Mattresses, Headboards, Dressers, Nightstands, Bedding, Vanities, and complete Bedroom Sets, We have the likes of Affordable mattresses, in different ranges from the orthopaedic to the soft mattress all to enable you make to most of your rest time and wake up hale and refreshed. Our selection of bedside lamps, not only illuminates but decorates and add colour to your bedroom with an easy access to the off and on buttons. Jumia Market's selection of headboards adds sophistication and class to the bedroom adding that extra spice every bedroom needs. Whether you are decorating for the master's bedroom, the guest room or the kids room we have got you covered all you have to do is to refine your search by material, colour, price, brand name, and customer reviews and it's all just a click away.

And your bedroom? Let's start from the bed itself. Shop for beds, bed holdings, pillows and cases, bedspreads and cushions. To the floor: rugs, carpets and foot mats are absolutely a necessity. Moving up the walls you do realize you'll need curtains, curtain holders, some air freshener and won't it be just awesome to have some new painting on the wall? Choose from ready-made paintings on Jumia Market or make a very rare portrait of yourself and your spouse in your bedroom. Most importantly order one of the vintage mirrors available on Jumia Market, do yourself some motivating self-talks, karaoke before it or just appreciate your own beauty before a full standing mirror you buy on Jumia Market. But the living room and the bedroom isn't the only place you have to pimp up. Get all the things you need for making the best out of your office, and make sure to find something to beautify the kids' room with as well. You can find enough kiddies' play items on Jumia Market.. Now that we've shown you just how much we got you covered with respects to your home, office and kitchen furnishings, it's time for us to make way to allow you do the actual shopping.

Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

The living room is the cornerstone of the home. However way you decorate this space, you have to make sure that it is safe and comfortable. This is the first room that every visitor who comes into your home will see. Therefore, it should be welcoming and well-decorated. Here is a list of some essential accessories that every living room should have.
Plants: Green natural plants are accessories every living room ought to have. They are so versatile and they look awesome in any type of décor or style.

Picture frames: Well-crafted, beautiful picture frames make a living room look homey and personal as they allow you display pictures of yourself and family members.

Lamps: Table lamps, chandeliers and wall-mounted lamps are a must to complete a living space; they give the room a form of vibrancy. They create a good ambience and add to the shine and glitter of the room, thereby making your mood and the moods of your visitors relax.

Mirrors: Placing a room in a space ads character and dimension. A large mirror behind the seating area opens the space, allowing light to reflect and then illuminate the dark corners.

Blinds or curtains: This is first of all important for turning your house into a personal home. Also, it is useful for times when you wish to cut yourself out from public gaze. When you want to buy curtains, try selecting the ones that match the colour of the furniture.

Throw pillows: Colourful throw pillows when used in contrast with a plain sofa, adds colour and vibrancy to a living room.

Wall art or paintings: Hanging paintings on your wall reveals a lot about your personality and taste.