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Wristwatches are a must-have fashion accessory which keeps us up to date with the time. This timepiece became popular in the 18 century when Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe made the first wristwatch. Before this time, they were considered feminine and a pointless fashion accessory. Wristwatches became common among men in World War 1 when soldiers started wearing it. Over the years, watches were used as an ornament to show status. It is believed that a man's wrist watch defines his style, taste and class. Today, it has developed to be an everyday fashion accessory. Wristwatches varies in different style and there are options to choose from in Men's watches, women watches, kids watches, sport watches, formal watches, vintage watches and more. Watches not only serve as a time piece but also as a luxurious gadgets which completes a man's look. Luxury watches differ from others by virtue of price and complex mechanism. There are lots of designer watches in the market some of which are Rolex, Quartz, Cartier, Curren, Omega, Tag Heuer, Casio, and Jarger LeCoultre. Jewelries are ornaments for personal adornments. They include brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and others. Before, Item such as animal teeth, bone, shell, cowries, carved wood and stone were used for personal. All these jewelries are made to adorn almost all the body parts. Men often wear rings, watches, certain bracelets, and chain necklaces. Traditional guys enjoy jewelry made from shells and wool. Men with classic taste tend toward precious ornaments made form gold or diamond. Jewelries such as cufflinks, tie clips and lapel pins are appropriate for suits and formal attire.

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All those who appreciate quality retail will absolutely adore the our selection of jewelry and watches. Discover thousands of stylish watches and treat yourself to one, or give a wrist watch as a gift to a friend who's near and dear to you. Our jewelry collection include bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings which you will find in many designs and styles, made from different metals, with precious and semi-precious stones, to adorn and beautify your body. Wrist watches are a must-have fashion accessory. Find your favourite brand of watches in styles that suit your personality from an exclusive selection of high quality fashion forward wristwatches for men. Jewelry can make a difference to your overall appearance and can jazz up a casual outfit. Wearing stunning statement jewelry can make you stand out from the crowd as well as boost your confidence. Adorn yourself with the perfect wristwatch and jewelry.

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Get the best value on women's jewelry online. Jumia Market offers a variety of stunning jewelry for women. You will find jewelry for almost all parts of your body- anklets, bracelets, toe rings, belly rings and more. Find hundreds of bangles and bracelets to adorn your wrist. Bracelets are easily caught by the eye, and it would be hard to go unnoticed when you walk into a room with a gold bracelet. Bangles are great when worn in a mix of colors and designs. Complement with the right ear ring: drop earrings, pearl design earrings and more.

Getting the perfect women's necklace for your outing is easy on our online store. This is because there different options to choose from. Browse our necklaces category to discover adorable bead necklaces, gold-plated necklaces, pearl necklaces, silver neck chains for women and more. Enjoy dozens of super deals on necklace-and-earring jewelry sets for women at knock-out prices!

The Best Wrist-Watch Brands at Best Prices in Kenya

Watches are the ultimate piece of fashion for any man. Upgrade your collection of men's watches and general men's jewelries this season, with the very best of watches available from the whole and all of Kenya. Browse through major brands Michael Kors, Rolex, Emporio Armani, Casio and more. It's easy to shop on Jumia Market for the best men's wristwatches and it's safe to say that you'll be spoilt for options. You can find anything between metal chain wristwatches, versatile silicon watches and rugged rubber watches all in the best of deals and discounts from the most service-minded of sellers. If what you want is a worthy plated men's analog wristwatch to stand out in a crowd, get a timepiece from either Giorgio Armani or Michael Kors. If you're looking for durable silicon watches, the G-Shock is definitely one of your best shots, and if you insist on an affordable digital rubber watch, by all means you should go sporty on the Casio range. Whether silicon, chromium, alloy, gold-plated, silver-plated wristwatches, shop on Jumia Market for all you need.

Where to Buy Jewelry and Watches in Kenya

Looking to buy affordable jewelries and watches in Kenya? Browse our extensive collection of jewelry for men and women. From statement necklaces and earrings to gold and diamond encrusted watch. Jumia Market offer an extensive collection of jewelry and watches for classy women. Love branded watches? Discover thousands of watches on Jumia Market. Whether you prefer sporty functional timepieces or classic elegant watches, you'll find a wide selection of watches for men, women and kids in all of the styles you love. Our collection of men's watches includes smart watches, automatic watches, rugged watches, casual watches and sports watches. For women, you will find vintage watches, slim chain strap watch and other fascinating watches that come in almost any color.

How to Buy a Wristwatch

When buying a wristwatch, you should buy them through authorized dealers or reputable sites. One of the best places to get wristwatches is online as you have the advantage of exploring a wide variety of options before you eventually make your pick.

• It is best to invest in a good women's watch if you are a woman and a good men's watch if you are a man. In selecting this, make sure to get one which complements your personal style and goes with almost everything in your wardrobe. Choose a watch that you can wear everyday if situations call for that.
• Select a band for your wristwatch. You could decide to select a bracelet band (for women) or a strap band which is more versatile. Bands are made in a variety of materials like leather, metal, nylon, rubber, faux leather and many more. These bands also come in a wide variety of colours.
• Determine what type of watch movement you need for your wristwatch. You could either go for a mechanical wristwatch, an automatic wristwatch or a quartz wristwatch.
• Also determine whether you prefer to have a digital wristwatch or an analogue wristwatch. Analogue wristwatches uses the traditional clock display with hands pointing to the minutes and hours while a digital display uses numbers displayed by an LCD panel and they are easy to read.