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Smartphones in Kenya

Smartphones are new generation phones that do basically everything for you. Smartphones are the latest trends of mobile phones manufactured in modern times. They run on different types of mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android OS, and windows OS. These mobile operating systems are the world's leading mobile OS that are found on most smartphones all over the world. There are also new brands and models of smartphones released from time to time. In as much as these smartphones are available in different brands and models, there are some brands that have been ruling the mobile industry for years now, such brands include:
HTC Smartphones
Apple phones
Infinix Smartphones
Tecno Smartphones
Samsung Smartphones
Lenovo Smartphones
Huawei Smartphones
Blackberry Smartphones
LG Smartphones
Nokia Smartphones
Sony Smartphones
From the above list, you can select any of the brands because each of them have smartphones with high specifications. When choosing which smartphone you want, you really need to decide which mobile operating system you want as well. You may decide to go for the world's most popular operating system, Android OS, which is easy to use, flexible, gives you control over your personalized settings, allows you download thousands of apps from the Google playstore, and so much more. Majority of the world's smartphones run on this operating system because it's so simple that even kids can operate it. You may decide to go for the iOS. With each new iOS update, the iPhone becomes better. Especially with its super-intelligent assistant called Siri. Siri is basically everything about the iPhone. It can do everything for you like search for places, book an appointment, tell you your location, play your music and videos, search the web for you, tell you how many flights are right above your current location, supercool right? Absolutely these are just the few attributes of Siri. All you have to do is talk to Siri and Siri makes it happen. You can go for the Windows phone smartphones. This mobile operating system is majorly used by Nokia due to its partnership with Microsoft. The windows phone smartphone is in a class of its own. The Windows phone smartphone has a mobile assistant which is called Cortana. Cortana, just like Siri can schedule flights, book appointments, use the map to find your location, start your music player and interesting feature. Also, the flexibility of the tiles feature gives the user experience (UX) an excellent mark. You can access any folder or document or location via the windows tiles feature. Even the home screen gives you that sleek animated overview of your entire mobile device from photos to social media messages all at a glance. The windows smartphones adds in the ability to use wallpapers that fuse with the live tiles as well as adjusting the colours. You can also decide to go for the super BBOS which is known specifically to Blackberry smartphones. All these and many more smartphones are available online for you to choose from. It is better to go for models that run on the latest version of the mobile operating system running on the phone.

Buy Affordable Tablets Online in Kenya

Tablets just like smartphones are bigger and have wider screens. Tablets come in different screen sizes and aspect ratio such as 7-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 11-inch, and 13-inch screen sizes. Also, these screen sizes come in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. Just like smartphones, tablets work with operating system installed in them. You can choose to go for Android tablets, or the iPad which is manufactured by Apple. Windows tablets are basically like 2 in 1 laptops. They are detachable tablets that have keyboards. Most people would love to go for the windows tablet because it is ideal for work environment and also for entertainment use just because it is easy to convert it to a laptop and also back to a tablet. There are several tablets to choose from online at different prices. With tablets, you can watch your favourite movies on a wider screen compared to smartphones, you can also use it for reading purposes. Most people prefer to read with tablets than smartphones. It is also easier to surf the web. The wide screen is what trumps smartphones when it comes to using the device to perform both important work and multimedia purposes. Tablets are also perfect for playing game. No doubt gamers won't think twice about buying a tablet because the screen size is awesome for gaming. Jumia Market also offers durable mobile phone and tablet accessories to help you enjoy your gadgets better. Get headphones, selfie sticks, spare batteries, and many more here at great prices.

Tablet Buying Guide

When deciding to buy a tablet, there are a number of factors to consider. You have to conclude whether you will be getting a convertible or a stand-alone tablet. Convertible tablets combine the flexibility of the PC with the convenience of a tablet. They are usually 2-in-1 devices and they either come with a detachable keyboard or they are a full-size laptop that features a touch screen. The stand-alone tablets look like oversize smartphones and they consist of one large touch screen and they usually weigh between 1 and 2 pounds. They are controlled using the touch screen and you can also pair them with a Bluetooth keyboard. The next factor to consider is the screen size you want. Choosing a screen size depends on a number of factors such as whether you will be using your tab to watch movies or play video games a lot, how portable you want your device to be, whether you need it for home use or for work use and many more. Tablets screen size range from 6" to 18". Most tablets fall within the range of 7" to 10". Moreover, you will have to determine what type of operating system you will need in your tablet. You can choose from iOS, Windows or Android operating systems. Finally, you will have to determine the specs you want. Specifications for tablets are processor, RAM, storage and expandability, battery life, etc.
Before you go all out to buy a tablet, make sure that you carry out a research of the brands and models which you feel will meet all your needs. Also, make sure that the tablet you eventually go for fits well into your planned budget. Jumia Market also offers accessories such as phone and tablet covers, headphones from top brands like Beats by Dre, selfie sticks, and even phone and tablet chargers. You can also get routers on Jumia Market at great prices.