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Smartphones have been the rave of the moment for a long while now. While our normal phones are still very much in use, smartphones seem to have taken over the world and are still going strong. When we talk about popular brands like Tecno, Apple, Blackberry,Samsung, Motorola and the rest, we have come to revere their works and always look forward to their new releases. Generally, smartphones appeal to people especially because of all the things you can do with one. Your smartphone is practically a laptop or PC in your pocket, and even more. Most of them use touch screen user interfaces with LED or LCD screens, some also have the option of keys. You can have lifesaving apps like a banking app to pay your bills and transfer money. Also on your smartphone, you can run more than one app at once without having to close either, sort of like a PC. Then of course, you have the distinct camera qualities and also the ability to access the internet. These are very few of the reasons why anyone should have a smartphone from a great brand.

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Having a smartphone around you could come in very handy, and for the business people or social media marketers, it is an especially powerful tool. As a social media manager, you need to be online a lot and you cannot possibly go everywhere with your PC. As a business man or woman, you need to be able to reply emails from any corner of the world. When you think about it, everyone needs a smartphone because the world revolves around the internet. And on Jumia Market, you can find any kind of smartphone you need, all at affordable prices. Shopping online with Jumia Market is seamless, all you need to do is place your order and we will deliver to anywhere in Kenya you want. We have various payment options, including the pay on delivery option, all for your comfort.

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It is now easy to get your Apple and Samsung smartphones online. For the smartphone lovers who like to keep tabs on the tech world, you can now get your smartphones when they are released at the best prices. Whether it's the latest Apple phones, like the iPhone 6s, or the Samsung S6 edge, you can find them all and more on Jumia Market. With the internal memory they come with that gives enough space for as much app as you want, cameras that capture the perfect memories as they unfold and sleek beautiful bodies, you would be gaining a possession that you would not regret at any time. Shop online on Jumia Market and have the best smartphone and fluid online service experience. You will certainly patronize us again.